Manifesto in defence of biological and human diversity

I recently discovered a biodiversity course on Coursera and decided to see who the mastermind behind the course was. That’s how I discovered the fascinating website of Roberto Cazzolla Gatti and his post entitled “Manifesto in defence of biological and human diversity”

Here’s the link to his Coursera course:

Roberto Cazzolla Gatti

May 15, 2017

Tomsk (Russia)

Biological diversity is what makes the Earth an extraordinary planet, in every sense. Life itself is the most extra-ordinary thing may exist. There is nothing ordinary about her. In the universe, as far as we know, or at least in our galaxy, life is the exception rather than the rule. And even if one day we will be able to document the presence of living beings on other planets, they too will be an exception. The appearance of life is a phenomenon that has always fascinated human being since without it the human species would never exist and no hairless biped would ever have studied with such admiration, and destroyed with equal force, its diversity.

Biologists today agree that we owe all that we are to the existence of the diversity of life; there would be, in fact, no chance for human beings to…

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