The Good News — May Edition

As we approach Mother’s Day, we’ve got to keep our eyes on Mother Earth. A lot of action is taking place in the environmental news-sphere and these are just a few of the highlights. A few important themes have emerged in April and the start of May that are worth monitoring: plastic bans and water shortage solutions.

Single-use plastic is getting the boot in communities across the world thanks to recognition on its harm to marine life symbolized by the Great Pacific garbage patch. I’m glad to see this movement pick up steam.

In addition, severe water shortage is faced by many communities globally and people have no choice but to innovate. Irresponsible water use will soon need to be curbed more rapidly, as the example of Cape Town reveals.

Finally, I’m particularly happy to hear about the success of a lawsuit brought by young people in Colombia to stop deforestation in the Amazon. Accepting the leadership of the youth is a vital part of the environmental paradigm shift. After all, they will soon inherit our environmental risks.

International News

Ecosystem Recovery

Indigenous News

Global Activism

Water Shortage Solutions

Plastic Bans

If you have any other positive news related to biodiversity or the environment that you’d like to share, please add it in the comments.




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