My biodiversity glossary

The A-Z of Biodiversity in 2018 on behalf of International Biological Diversity Day. … More My biodiversity glossary


3 Key Biodiversity Insights from Vandana Shiva’s Biopiracy

Vandana Shiva, a prominent scientist, activist, and feminist, has profoundly shifted my thinking about the preservation of biodiversity recently. Thanks to her book,¬†Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge, published in 1997, I now see how patent protections negatively impact biologically diverse regions of the world when they support the competitive and monopolizing ownership of seeds, medicinal plants, agricultural crops, and other biological agents by multinational corporations. These patents promote private ownership over natural resources in a way that systemically prevents biodiversity preservation through the traditional use of the land by women, indigenous people, and farmers in the Third World.¬† … More 3 Key Biodiversity Insights from Vandana Shiva’s Biopiracy