Lessons from the Sacred Groves of India

Sacred groves can help us expand how we think about conservation because there is no definitive ‘system’ of nature-worship in India. Yet, when viewed collectively, the benefits for the preservation of biodiversity in the region are immense. … More Lessons from the Sacred Groves of India

Palm Oil’s Threat to Biodiversity in Indonesia

The path toward extinction for much of Indonesia’s biologically diverse and exquisitely unique multitude of mammals, birds, and flora appears likely, if not inevitable. Indonesia has found itself in a double bind because of its own poverty and need for global investment paired with the global demand for the production of an extremely versatile commodity: palm oil. … More Palm Oil’s Threat to Biodiversity in Indonesia

Turkey: A Blindspot of Biodiversity

As a current resident of Turkey, this post is about how I began to see the country for what it is; a haven of biodiversity trapped in a political inferno for biodiversity support. It’s a place of natural history in which the lives of people and the lives of animals have intertwined throughout the centuries in legends. But today, it’s a place where residents don’t even know their own wealth–six years ago only 1.3% of the population considered environmental problems a main concern. Turkey is a place of blindness.  … More Turkey: A Blindspot of Biodiversity