The Good News – March – First Edition

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the bad environmental news available left and right. That’s why I’ve decided to compile some links to recent good biodiversity news in this post. If all goes well, I hope to continue offering good news updates once a month. I not only offer links to genuinely good news, I also try to find the beauty in the news that makes us cringe. In the face of so many depressing reports, we need our hope to blossom.  … More The Good News – March – First Edition

Lessons from the Sacred Groves of India

Sacred groves can help us expand how we think about conservation because there is no definitive ‘system’ of nature-worship in India. Yet, when viewed collectively, the benefits for the preservation of biodiversity in the region are immense. … More Lessons from the Sacred Groves of India

In-situ and Ex-situ: Conservation Frenemies

In-situ and ex-situ conservation methods should not be considered equivalent strategies for protecting plant biodiversity. We must ensure for in-situ conservation (land preservation). This is especially true for biological hotspots. Ex-situ conservation (botanical gardens, gene and seed banks, or cryogenic preservation) can only supplement the rich genetic diversity that evolves in intact, wild ecosystems. … More In-situ and Ex-situ: Conservation Frenemies