Tropical botanical gardens: both a fantasy and a necessity

My dream of lounging in a hammock surrounded by the flora of the Brazilian rain forest in a luscious botanical garden is now supported by biodiversity experts. A seminal study on ex situ conservation was recently published in Nature. It found that 30% of all plant species biodiversity is present in botanic gardens including 41% of threatened plant species, a total of 105,634 species. While the numbers are certainly promising, much of the remaining work to be done lies in the tropics. … More Tropical botanical gardens: both a fantasy and a necessity

In-situ and Ex-situ: Conservation Frenemies

In-situ and ex-situ conservation methods should not be considered equivalent strategies for protecting plant biodiversity. We must ensure for in-situ conservation (land preservation). This is especially true for biological hotspots. Ex-situ conservation (botanical gardens, gene and seed banks, or cryogenic preservation) can only supplement the rich genetic diversity that evolves in intact, wild ecosystems. … More In-situ and Ex-situ: Conservation Frenemies