What is Political Ecology?

Recently, the field of study known as “Political Ecology” has caught my attention. Have I found the perfect hybrid of a field for my line of inquiry? I can’t help but wonder who are these thinkers, why and how are they interested in ecology, and how do they define themselves? This blog post documents my process of learning about political ecology. … More What is Political Ecology?

Book Summary: Nature’s Economy by David Worster

The notion that nature functions as an interdependent biological community is most prominently upheld in the field of ecology. Donald Worster’s book, Nature’s Economy: The Roots of Ecology (1977), offers a useful history outlining the trajectories of thought that have informed the thinking and policy-making surrounding ecology in the Anglophone and American contexts, from the mid eighteenth-century until the 1970s, when it was published by the Sierra Club. … More Book Summary: Nature’s Economy by David Worster